We have the capability, capacity and technical expertise to design, install, service and maintain electronic security systems across Victoria.

Intruder Alarms


Intruder or Alarm systems are designed to protect a physical building or asset by detection of an intruder while the system is armed and trigger a response, either the sounding of sirens locally and/or offsite notification via a monitoring service for appropriate action by the client or our patrol service.

Alarm systems are a proven deterrent to crime and vandalism and a cost effective security solution.

Security Cameras


Security cameras provide surveillance either locally or remotely, provide a high degree of deterrence from crime and vandalism and can be an effective evidence tool if the correct security cameras are implemented. There is an almost endless number of products available across multiple technologies including analogue, Internet protocol (IP) and high definition analogue. Its important that expert advice is sought in designing these systems so that the system meets your security objectives and delivers value for money.

Access Control

Access Control

Access Control systems are used to control the flow and access of people into and out of areas, it is a combination of electronic locking hardware, user credentials and management software.

Effective access control systems provide easy access for authorised users and prevent access by unauthorised users.

Duress & Personal Safety

Duress Button

Duress and Personal Safety systems are designed to protect people from the risk of injury in their working environment from threats caused by other people. This can range from a fixed physical duress button connected to an alarm system to a lightweight compact stand-alone device carried by lone or remote workers. The key to an effective duress and personal safety systems is that the device is monitored by a monitoring centre, your tailored emergency response plan followed and that your staff are trained in the use of the device and the external response/assistance they can expect to receive.

Integrated Systems

Integrated security systems combine two or more electronic security functions into a single system to provide two main benefits; a single system that is easier to use and manage and; deliver cost savings.