Axis P1428-E Review

Axis P1428-EEarlier in the year and not long after this cameras was released we undertook 2 projects that involved the installation of Axis P1428-E security cameras and this is easily our favorite camera of 2015.

These 2 projects involved the installation in both a domestic and commercial environment and the 4K Ultra High Definition was just outstanding. We were able to cover huge areas with crystal clear resolution.

This camera has built in IR illumination but just forget those, the really fantastic feature is Axis’s “Lightfinder” technology, while Axis has been pretty tight lipped about how it actually works, we don’t really care because the end result is amazing low light sensitivity, this camera can render colour images in low light, swapping to black and white and still outputting a good image when most other cameras will just show a black screen.

Installation was relatively easy however we would like see this camera come in a vandal-resistant version as default.

At release this camera was unbelievable value and we were selling them for $1250 a piece, we think Axis realised pretty quickly they had made a mistake with this price point and within 3 months of release had put the price up about 30%.

Still good value if you want to cover large areas especially as you should be able to reduce the number of overall cameras if you opt for this kind of resolution.

For more information on this camera visit the Axis webpage.

Great video here demonstrating 4K Ultra HD Resolution – Play full screen on highest resolution on a 4K monitor

This is a great video showing the strength of Axis’s Lightfinder technology.