Victoria Streetsmart Handbook

Victoria Streetsmart HandbookThe Victoria Streetsmart Handbook is a valuable resource developed by the Victorian Police Citizens Youth Clubs with information inside that is directly relevant for the school leaver who is entering into the world of adulthood. There is vital information regarding drugs, sex, money, jobs, travelling, healthy mind and much more.

The Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) are police community groups that started in 1926 and aim to provide opportunities for young people to be involved in a variety of sports and other activities. Throughout the state there are many halls equipped with gym facilities, rings for boxing, Judo and other types of sports. The venues are traditionally set up in areas where there is limited facilities and all branches are run as non profit.

The book will be delivered to all year 11 students, with 20,000 readership per edition which consists of a combination of hardcopies and e-versions for each of the 4 Editions across the VIC regions with distributions in January, April, July and October each year.

Ironwood Security is pleased to support the work of the Victorian Police Citizens Youth Clubs in producing this valuable resource by way of a financial donation and encourage our clients and partners to support this worthy cause.